WellHorse Performance

WellHorse Performance

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WellHorse Performance Horse Feed Balancer Supplement

  • Fully balanced vitamin, micromineral, and macromineral supplement, with levels of ingredients designed to meet the demands of the Performance Horse
  • Protected live yeast to aid gut health
  • With added support for joints and prebiotics for immune health
  • 3lb (1.4kg) tub gives approximately 1-month supply


WellHorse Performance is supported by 50 years of scientific research into what individual horses and ponies require and is formulated to meet the demands of the performance horse. It contains every important nutrient your performance horse requires and meets the NRC (National Research Council) and BASF (Animal Nutrition) recommendations for vitamins, microminerals, and macrominerals – all at levels intended to meet the performance horse demands. WellHorse Performance also supports joint health, the digestive tract function, and the immune system by including Glucosamine HCl, MSM, protected live yeast, and mycotoxin-binding prebiotics, helping to keep your horse competing at its peak.


Horses’ nutritional requirements change as their workload increases. With more training, stress, travel, and wear and tear on the body, performance horses have higher vitamin and mineral requirements to meet their tissue needs, to help repair damaged tissues, and to support their immune system against injury and illness. Balancers are a great way to ensure your horse’s basic needs are met (like taking a multi-vitamin each day), but for the performance horse, higher levels of active ingredients are needed to ensure they can meet the demands of their lifestyle. Performance horses also benefit from joint support, as increased work load can lead to joint inflammation and damage. Further, the stress of travel, diet changes, limited turn out or access to fresh forage, and competition can lead to digestive disturbances and reduced digestion and absorption of nutrients. For these reasons, we include live protected yeast to help regulate and improve digestion and a mycotoxin-binding prebiotic that supports the natural immune defenses of the GI tract.


Best suited to horses in training, showing, or competing who are on a forage only or otherwise restricted diet, to supplement lower quality feeds, or for horses that have greater needs than their feed intake can meet (hard keepers, heavy work load, pregnancy/lactation, etc.).

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