70th Anniversary Mystery Horse Surprise

70th Anniversary Mystery Horse Surprise

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Remember the miniature version of our Smart Chic Olena mold that we teased after April Fool's Day? The cat's out of the bag, and our 70th Anniversary Mystery Horse Surprise Stablemates have been revealed!

As part of our ongoing birthday celebration, we've shrunk down some of our favorite Traditional (1:9) scale molds from across Breyer's history to Stablemates (1:32) scale - and to add to the fun, each of their coat colors are inspired by one of their Traditional-scale counterparts! Here are the models you can find inside these fun blind bags:


  • Mini Gypsy Vanner inspired by "Solar"
  • Mini Smart Chic Olena inspired by "Smart and Shiney"
  • Mini Connemara Mare inspired by "Bramble"
  • Mini Fell Pony inspired by "Black-Eyed Susan"
  • Mini Missouri Fox Trotter in shaded fleabitten grey
  • Mini Indian Pony in vintage-style chestnut tovero
  • Mini Fighting Stallion in vintage-style glossy charcoal
  • Mini Clydesdale Stallion in vintage-style woodgrain
  • Rare chase piece, found in 25% of display boxes
  • NEW! Ultra-rare "super chase" piece, found in 12% of display boxes

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