Thelwell's Pony Cavalcade

Thelwell's Pony Cavalcade

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If you haven't experienced Thelwell's classic pony humor you are in for a real treat. In his cartoons he offers invaluable advice to aspiring young equestrians on how to get into the saddle and stay there.

Thelwell's Pony Cavalcade is a re-release of his earlier beloved books "Angels on Horseback," "A Leg at Each Corner," and "Riding Academy." The paperback book is 350 pages long and packed with Thelwell's unique and hilarious humor.

In 1957, Thelwell’s first collection of pony cartoons, Angels on Horseback, was published, followed by A Leg at Each Corner in 1961, and Riding Academy in 1963.

The cartoons are delightful, and will be appreciated by all pony people. Find out why Thelwell has been the favorite of pony lovers for over 60 years.

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