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Easiest Flash Yet
Easiest Flash Yet

Easiest Flash Yet

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Nunn Finer has come up with another innovative useful everyday product. Introducing the NEW Nunn Finer Rubber Flash Strap. It allows the horse to still have a flash on but gives them some freedom and not forcing them to be so confined. Easy on-Easy off and simple to clean - just wipe it off.

John Nunn came up with this product when he noticed every horse he tightened a flash on was resisting. Putting it on was half the battle. Then taking them off when good and slimy was a task unto itself.

Simply buckle it first, stretch it over the horse's chin and keeping it buckled stretch it off over the horse's chin when done. So simple!

  • Attached Guard Avoids Pinching
  • Multiple Holes for Adjustments
  • One size - Just cut to Shorten As Needed
  • 26 1/2" End to End

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