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EnerGex 60g Syringe

EnerGex 60g Syringe

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EnerGex Syringe 60g Horse Energy Supplement

  • Fast and safe source of energy
  • For use before, during, and after exercise
  • Maintains glucose levels and helps restore glycogen levels
  • For sustained performance
  • Convenient on-the-go syringe is easy to administer and transport


EnerGex is a safer source of carbohydrate (energy) compared with simple sugars, which can lead to adverse effects on behavior and performance. It is low-glycemic, meaning it leads to a slower rate of glucose entry into the blood, avoiding high peaks and sudden drops in blood glucose levels, and induces lower insulin responses. This leads to a more balanced and prolonged energy supply. In one study, Energex was shown to lead to lower peak in glucose, longer to reach peak in glucose, and lower insulin responses at each time point measured following administration of either Energex or equal amounts of sucrose. In another study, even though Energex once again induced a lower glucose and insulin response after administering either Energex or sucrose, Energex was still able to effectively restore muscle glycogen levels following exercise.


Glucose is the most important energy source for horses during exercise. Low blood glucose levels are associated with fatigue and reduced performance, and maintaining blood glucose levels is especially important during prolonged exercise, when competing, and for horses that are lacking in energy. EnerGex provides a means of increasing blood glucose levels in a controlled, safe, and sustainable way, and EnerGex can also be given after training or competition to aid recovery. Further, EnerGex helps restore muscle glycogen levels, and exercise performance in horses is almost always limited by muscle glycogen concentration. Glycogen is formed from simple sugars linked together and is the animal equivalent of starch in plants. Recovery in muscle glycogen after exercise is reduced if there is insufficient dietary intake of carbohydrate (sugars) to meet the horse’s needs - either from high athletic performance or simply because of reduced appetite. By increasing the available energy supply, EnerGex can help deliver more prolonged and consistent performance results. EnerGex also supports improved fat oxidation during physical activity, as high levels of glucose and/or insulin hinder the use of lipids (fat) as an energy source. By increasing the utilization of fat during exercise, EnerGex thus helps enhance endurance performance that relies on fat metabolism.


EnerGex is ideal for use before, during, and following exercise to support energy delivery. Given by a convenient syringe, EnerGex is portable enough to take on the trails or to the show ring as a boost mid-ride. It can also be used as an energy booster in lethargic horses and to maintain blood glucose levels in situations where food intake is decreased, such as during travelling or when appetite is reduced. EnerGex is given by mouth as a paste and is rapidly absorbed, increasing blood glucose levels within 30 minutes and can maintain an increased level for 2 hours.

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