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Equiderma Daily Defense Dry Shampoo

Equiderma Daily Defense Dry Shampoo

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Go-to solution for cleansing and freshening horses. 100% active ingredient, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant formula attacks and kills all bacterial and fungal infections that cause most equine skin ailments. Also calms hives, soothes sweet itch and insect bite hypersensitivity, and dries up dermatophyte-based rain rot. Designed to improve the condition of skin for a shiny, glossy and healthy coat.

Contains a superior blend of sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, organic neem seed oil, lavender oil, organic witch hazel powder, silk peptide powder, organic arnica powder, organic chamomile powder and organic neem leaf powder.

Directions: Sprinkle onto desired areas. Use a curry brush or hands to massage into skin and coat using a circular motion. If using as a remedy, leave on continuously; apply more as needed to maintain coverage. When using on saddle pads, wraps or sports medicine boots, apply generously and leave on. To freshen boots, saddle pads, helmets, or any other equipment, apply generously and leave out in the sun or fresh air to dry.

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