KBF99 Antibacterial Tall Bristle Dandy Brush

KBF99 Antibacterial Tall Bristle Dandy Brush

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The KBF99 Long Bristle Dandy Brush kills 99% of harmful bacteria and fungi on contact as you clean your horse. Designed to provide a classic flicking action with long, medium stiff bristles, this horse brush features KBF99 technology, which fights scratches, rain rot, ringworm and other skin infections without the use of chemicals. KBF99 brush technology also helps remove lice and helps reduce scurfy skin conditions and dandruff. With daily grooming, you’ll start to see results in five to seven days.

An additive is applied in the plastic molding production stage of brush fibers. The additive contains nitrogen carrying a positive charge. The positive charge attracts the negative charge on the surface of bacteria and fungi. KBF99 technology also includes a layer of tiny spikes on the surface of the plastic. The spikes stab and kill the bacteria and fungi microbes by breaking their surface skin. As the spikes rupture cell membranes, the cells are blown apart. No chemicals are released and no harm or side effects result in the horse or the environment. Additionally, the microbes can never build up resistance to KBF99.

KBF99 technology has been fully tested at Coventry University, England. It will kill those viruses that have envelope structures.


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