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Muscle Builder

Muscle Builder

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Muscle Builder Horse Muscle Building Supplement

  • Contains the key amino acids to support muscle development
  • Supports muscle repair and recovery after exercise
  • Promotes muscle strength, power, and stamina
  • 4.1 (1.86kg) tub gives approximately 1-month supply


Muscle Builder delivers optimal amounts of three key ingredients that have been proven in controlled scientific studies to promote muscle growth and aid the natural process of muscle repair. This includes L-Lysine, which is considered to be the first limiting amino acid when it comes to protein synthesis (i.e. muscle growth) in horses. Leucine is provided, as it is one of nine essential amino acids which must be obtained from the diet, and leucine has been shown to aid in recovery processes from exercise, such as supporting protein synthesis, aiding natural glycogen replacement, supporting the horse's natural function to reduce muscle soreness following exercise, and helping maintain mental function in aerobic-based exercise. Finally, HMB (B-hydroxy B-methylbutyrate) is included, which is formed from the metabolism of Leucine and has been shown in studies to support the reduction of muscle protein breakdown. For additional muscle recovery support, Muscle Builder includes a carbohydrate source to help replace lost glycogen, an essential for muscle energy.

So why don't we use other amino acids? All the latest research points to these three key components (L-Lysine, Leucine, and HMB) when it comes to building, supporting, and developing muscle, and to aid muscle recovery. The level at which we include these components ensures your horse get the optimal amount required as suggested in scientific papers.


In order to build muscle mass, muscle cells are naturally torn and must be repaired. In the repair, this is when muscle cells actually increase in size and add bulk to the muscle tissue. Further, larger muscle cells are stronger and able to contract faster. However, the repair process is demanding and requires specific proteins – like HMB, Leucine, and L-Lysine. In aiding the repair process, Muscle Builder helps muscle cells be able to generate more strength and speed of contraction, providing more power and precision of motion.


Muscle Builder is suitable for any horse in training in any discipline, for developing muscle, or helping muscle to repair and recover from hard training. Horses in sports that require or benefit from additional muscle mass, put high demands on muscle performance, or require a quick recovery would particularly benefit.

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