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SOA+ Itch Be Gone Soap

SOA+ Itch Be Gone Soap

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Deep Cleaning Bar Soap

For Horses, Dogs, and All Other Animals and HumansSoa + ITCH Be Gone Soap

Deep cleans pores on the skin to help prevent grime and residue build-up on the skin. Perfect for washing areas where the rubbing, chewing, and itch cycles associated with insect bites and irritations occur.

  • Washing Provides Relief
  • Penetrates Deep into Pores
  • Cleans and Soothes Skin
  • Safe & Effective Wash to Use on all types of skin including sensitive skin
  • For All Types of Skin

Very Effective for Washing:

  • Irritable Skin
  • Constant Chewing Areas
  • Tail Rubbing
  • Insect bite Areas
  • Irritable Neck & Belly Areas
  • Hot Spots
  • Mange Mites
  • Tick & Mosquitoes Bites

Google Reviews “Soa Itch Be Gone Protected Equine” 5 Stars

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