Sore-No-More Performance Gelotion - 12 Oz.

Sore-No-More Performance Gelotion - 12 Oz.

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With its master blend of all-natural ingredients, no abrasives or oils, Sore No-More® Performance Gelotion is highly absorbable and directly targets muscle pain, making it an excellent topical to use under tack before a workout. Apply to areas such as the poll, neck and back to help loosen muscles before a workout, preventing risk of injury. Great to use on horses that are working back into a regime after an injury, to curb reoccurrence of the injury or new injuries from developing. 

For topical use only. Not meant to be ingested. Keep away from immediate eye area. Do not use on open cuts or wounds. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from an open flame. For use on equine and canine only. 

Made in the USA
Favorite Features

    •Thicker consistency makes it ideal for those areas where regular liquid liniment would run off

    •Cruelty free and made with 100% all natural ingredients, making it a safe option to use on delicate skinned horses. 

    •A low mess contact medium for topical ultrasounds as compared to traditional mediums, as it is absorbable and can be left on after the          ultrasound.

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