Thinline Trifecta Sheepskin Correction Halfpad - Natural

Thinline Trifecta Sheepskin Correction Halfpad - Natural

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Made of high-quality, quilted cotton, and lined underneath with lush merino wool sheepskin, this half saddle pad has Ultra ThinLine sewn onto it. Ride in this pad and you’ll notice immediately how quiet you feel in the saddle. That’s due to the Ultra ThinLine doing its job, absorbing the shock of your horse’s movement and transferring it ACROSS the Ultra ThinLine pad (instead of UP into your spine.) Meanwhile, your horse’s back is enjoying the same shock absorption benefit.

Ultra ThinLine has a 95% shock absorption rate, so you can understand why your balance is suddenly more stable, freeing you to give clearer, more precise aids. And your horse, with much less jarring on his back, can relax, listen, become supple, soft, and really swing.

The Trifecta is also shimmable, so you can customize saddle fit or resolve fitting problems with less expense. Shims are an especially useful tool if you ride different horses in the same saddle or ride a horse whose body is changing.

Fits most saddles over 18″
25″ total spine length | 19.5″ between the rolls | 18.5″ across seat

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