Web Lunging Attachment

Web Lunging Attachment

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The Kincade Web Lunging Attachment can be used with a halter or bit to give added control during lunging. The attachment is designed with two snaps, one to connect to each side of the bit or halter, which then connects to a middle ring that attaches to a lunge line. When using the Kincade Lunging attachment with a bridle for lunging, it provides more control and allows for quick direction change without needing to stop the horse to switch the lunge line. It also eliminates the need for a lunge caveson and saves time when mounting after lunging as there will be no need to bridle the horse. Simply unsnap the attachment and go!


  • Attach to Bridle or Halter
  • Gives Added Control
  • Allows Quick Direction Change
  • Easy to Use

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