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WellHorse Leisure

WellHorse Leisure

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WellHorse Leisure Horse Feed Balancer Supplement

  • Fully balanced vitamin, micromineral, and macromineral supplement for the Leisure Horse
  • Meets the NRC and BASF recommendations for vitamins & micro minerals
  • Protected live yeast to aid gut health
  • 2.8lb (1.3kg) tub gives approximately 1-month supply


WellHorse Leisure is supported by 50 years of scientific research into what individual horses and ponies require and is formulated to meet the demands of the leisure horse. It contains every important nutrient your horse requires and meets the NRC (National Research Council) and BASF (Animal Nutrition) recommendations for vitamins and minerals. In addition to vitamins and minerals, WellHorse Leisure also includes an innovative protected live yeast to support a healthy GI tract and immune system. The entire WellHorse range are concentrated balancers that provide almost zero starch and zero sugar, therefore they will not make your horse "fizzy" or provide extra energy to the diet and making them suitable for those horses on a carbohydrate restricted diet.


Balancers are a great way to ensure your horse’s basic needs are met. Think of balancers like taking a multi-vitamin each day. Especially for horses on forage only or restricted diets, vitamin and mineral intake can vary and may not be sufficient to ensure your horse has their minimum requirements covered. Further, since WellHorse contains live protected yeast, it helps your horse increase digestion and absorption of feeds and support the immune functions of the GI tract.


Perfect for the leisure horse on a forage only or otherwise restricted diet. Also a great way to supplement lower quality feeds or during times of increased nutritive needs (stress, prolonged confinement, increase in training, weaning, etc.).

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